Azalea Therapy and Consultation Services

**All services are being provided online as we journey through COVID-19 together.**

Life is a journey – It brings together beauty, joy, hope, sorrow, and more challenges than we could ever anticipate.  We come into this life needing to be loved, protected, and nurtured. We know that’s not always provided as we needed during our early years.  We at Azalea believe that need doesn’t go away as we mature. Even if we had wonderful childhood experiences, we can experience situations and relationships that can shake us to our core. Often, we come out asking who we are, where we are going, and why we exist.

During these times, it can often be helpful to have someone present with us in our pain, being with us as we process the difficult things while seeking growth and healing. Here at Azalea, we will share this painful space with you as we work together. We believe in holistic care, tailored to the needs and strengths you have. We will explore your strengths, background, and beliefs that make you the person you are.  We will take time to walk with you through your journey, accompanying you in your pain, and working to empower you toward becoming the best version of yourself – connected and authentic in your engagement with the world around you.

Agency Mission: We will encourage you to care for yourself while working through the painful areas that may leave you feeling fragile, and helping you fill those spaces with strength and healing. We believe you have the strength within to heal and build the life you want and we commit to working with you to create the life you want to live. We believe in the importance of self-care for ourselves so that we can serve you, our clients, better.

Who We Serve: We serve children, adolescents and adults throughout the State of Michigan, providing individual, family and group therapy sessions.

Why Azalea? Azaleas historically represent abundance, evenness in emotions. They have a certain fragility but also a sense of passion. They have a powerful side to them and are often sent as a reminder to “take care of yourself.”

Values we hold and live by: Bravery, Strength, Resiliency, Growth, Hope, Healing, Security

Our commitments to our clients

  • We commit to holding a safe space for you and continuously examining ourselves – both in and out of our work together, showing up authentically and with our best selves.
  • We are LGBTQA+ affirming and hold a culturally sensitive perspective.  
  • We are anti-racist – we commit to being intentional, conscious of our own internal biases and engaging in actions to reduce racism and inequity outside the therapy room.
  • We commit to working within our area of specialties and education – we will refer out if we are not the best fit for you.  Your growth is most important and we commit to being open to your feedback about our work together.
  • We will walk with you and will strive to hold healthy boundaries of respect, safety and professionalism with you. 

Please feel free to contact us through the contact information page or via the following for any additional information, questions, or scheduling:

Phone: (734) 787-5872