Welcome Courtney Billington, LLMSW to our team!

I’m really excited to introduce Courtney Billington, the newest member of our team! Courtney works with adolescents and adults, specializing in PTSD, Anxiety/Depression, and especially enjoys working with adolescents and families who are in foster care or are adopted. But I’ll let her share a little about herself —

“Hi. My name is Courtney. I’m still figuring it out. YUP. ME! A millennial who loves all things coffee; FRIENDS; & still figuring life out—in all of it’s wondrous beauty. So, let’s start there. What does beauty mean to you? Is it a tree’s leaves ruffling as the wind gracefully touches the branches? Is it the ocean gently coming across the sand and tickling your toes?

Well, all of life, including those moments, are beautiful. But beauty is not only the peace you find, but also the moments where you find yourself asking for help. Getting to the point where therapy is your response to life’s challenges is not only showing strength, but also acceptance of what your life can become.

I say that I am still figuring it out because that is the truth. I will never say I have the answers, but what I can offer is a listening ear; guidance; and strategies to support where you would like to be in life. My hope to is to be with you on your journey, as you see fit, and to keep your aspirations as our focus. Through working together, we will explore different sensory techniques with music, art, conversation, and mindfulness that will expand across all areas of your life and help you find the healing you and your family are looking for.

I use a variety of skills and mindful practice to increase awareness of your body’s signs and signals to better prepare for differing scenarios. Whether you are in need of support at work due to stress; relationship-building skills; assistance with anxiety and/or depression; self-esteem; or simply encouragement for your next step in life, I am in your corner. We will work through your concerns together.”

Courtney does have some availability, and is able to accept Medicaid, BCBS, and private-pay. Please feel free to reach out to her at (248) 609-3289 or email info@azaleatherapy.com to schedule an appointment or see if she is a good fit for you!

Published by Laura Jennings, LMSW

I’m a mental health therapist who loves working with children, adolescents and adults. I specialize in Bipolar Disorder and Trauma and work to provide a supportive, empathic and safe environment to grow into your best self.

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