Support for Healthcare Providers

– Are you a healthcare professional working on the frontline of this pandemic? Are you feeling burned out, exhausted, uncertain about your career and your own mental health, needing someone to talk to about what you’re going through every day?

– Have you been struggling with relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression or other symptoms that you want to heal from to be more effective as a Healthcare provider?

– Do you have a mental health diagnosis, struggle with suicidal ideation, have PTSD and need a supportive, shame and stigma-free environment where you can heal and maintain your stability while feeling safe doing so?

– Are you a student pursuing the field of healthcare and want to work out a few things before you engage with your own clients?

– Have you been traumatized by your work and need to work through and heal from Secondary Traumatic Stress, or manage life-work balance and Compassion Fatigue?

If this speaks to you, we would value the opportunity to support you at Azalea. I strongly believe that we, as healthcare professionals, need our own support to serve those we support in the best way possible. Burnout is such a common occurrence in our field, and it honestly takes a constant monitoring and routine of self-care to keep ourselves from walking down that path.  We have the responsibility of supporting others in such a significant way, but our own mental health and life balance is essential to be fully present for the people we support.

We would value the opportunity to work with you and support your mental health as you care for others, or are preparing to serve others. We have found therapy to be incredibly valuable as we pursued our own careers and healed from our own Secondary Traumatic Stress, burnout, and even some life transitions. Our practice focuses on supporting Physicians, Nurses, Residents, Students, and other clinicians. We understand some of the unique needs you have as a Healthcare Provider and we look forward to the opportunity to support you as you serve others.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, please reach out and we would love to schedule one with you!

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