Therapy Services

All services are being provided online as we journey through COVID-19 together for anyone within the state of Michigan. Most insurances cover Online Therapy, and we offer telehealth services through a secure and HIPAA compliant platform that is easily accessible to you. An added benefit to online therapy is that it provides us with an opportunity to meet on your lunch, a break in your day, or any other time where it’s convenient for you.

Telephone or Video Sessions:
Our first appointment will be an intake session where we will work to get to know each other and determine whether our work together will be a good fit for you. Following this intake, we will schedule appointments as determined through our conversation in our initial visit and what works best for you.

We accept a number of insurances and also private pay. Cash pay fees for sessions range from $125-180. We appreciate everyone who is able to pay full fee, as is affords us opportunity to offer low-fee and pro-bono services to our community. If your financial situation causes difficulty in paying full fee, please contact our office and we will do our best to work out a plan together.

Messaging/Video Packages:
As a cash pay option, services are provided via text messaging and live video or phone sessions utilizing a HIPAA compliant, secure text messaging app through your computer or phone) are also available. This support can be especially helpful if you work an evening or night shift or typically reach out for services during “off” hours. This package includes two phone or video sessions a month and unlimited asynchronous texts with responses 1-2 times a day, 5 days a week. There are insurances that can be utilized to pay for the video sessions, which would decrease monthly cash payments.  Please contact us for more information! These packages begin at $250/month and can vary pending insurance coverage.

Consultation Services & Social Work Supervision : Contact for more information.

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