Working Together

Our work will be about you!

We believe that YOU are the most important part of our work together. We will seek to build our work around you and your strengths, interests, and abilities. We use a variety of evidence-based practices but are eclectic in nature, creating a treatment plan and practices that will support you individually.

What do we believe in?

Why Azalea? Azaleas historically represent abundance, evenness in emotions. They have a certain fragility but also a sense of passion. They have a powerful side to them and are often sent as a reminder to “take care of yourself.” We at Azalea believe in the importance of caring for ourselves so we can serve you better. In the same way, we will encourage you to care for yourself, seeking the painful areas that may leave you feeling fragile, but helping you fill those spaces with strength and healing. We believe you have the strength within to heal and build the life you want, and we commit to working with you to create the life you want to live.

We appreciate the opportunity to walk alongside you as you make your way through your life’s journey.

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